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Effective Termite Pest Control

There are loads of important details you have to think about when you build a new home, and one of the most important things you have to consider is termite control. At Buggo Pest Control Services, we offer a customised treatment plan tailored specifically for your property or new build.
Termite inspections at the pre-construction stage of a building are essential so that the experts can assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber and building pests and come up with solutions in how to minimise the risk of attack and infestation.

Our professional termite technicians are highly skilled in carrying out termite inspections and follow up termite treatments, if required, leaving you with complete peace of mind that your builders can carry on with their work on your property without the risk of further termite damage.

A full report is provided to you at the end of the pre-construction inspection, which covers both inside and outside the property, the types of wood, the property’s location, and even the weather, and we are extremely thorough.

At Buggo, we have various termite barriers we can offer you.
These include:
  • Chemical termite barriers which involve applying a liquid chemical to the soil at any stage of the building’s life.
  • Physical termite barriers which are used when adding a new extension to another structure to your existing barrier. This method enforces termites to be exposed, whereby they can be exterminated. This barrier has to be applied
    before construction.
  • We also have a reticulation system, which is the precise control of chemicals under the building structure via a network of pipes.

The baits used for the termites may be toxic to them but aren’t for pets and children.

Termite Inspections Sutherland Shire
Our termite monitoring is the method of using termite bait stations placed around your property’s perimeter, which can detect termite activity via a system of underground pipes that distribute termite control chemicals evenly through the building’s foundations.

This reticulation system service is for sites with obvious termite activity, which will be benefitted by installing these beneficial in-ground termite stations which can help eliminate the pesky creatures.

The termites take the bait (literally) to their nest and share the toxic bait with the rest of the colony, thus eliminating the entire nest quickly and efficiently.

They are regularly checked by one of our Buggo technicians to ensure optimum protection.

Termite Treatment & Inspection

How to Spot Termite Damage

It’s not always easy to spot termites, and by the time you do, they may have already caused a substantial amount of damage. As there are various types of termite, it’s essential you identify which type is affecting your property. Subterranean and Drywood termites cause the most damage to our Sydney buildings.

Start their feeding process, which causes the damage from the ground upwards and usually enters the building through its substructure. Look for evidence of damaged wood and mud tubes. Hollow tunnels are often spotted alongside the grain of the wood.

Subterranean Termite

Tend to enter the building near the roofline or other exposed wood areas to build their nests and colonies. Look out for tiny holes in your wood with evidence frass nearby. You can expose galleries by probing the wood as well.

Drywood termites

Why People Choose Buggo Pest Control

Buggo are the experts in termite control in the Sydney area. Our pest control services use the most effective up-to-date control methods that respect your home, property, or business.

100% Safety First

Safety, health, and protection are really important to us at Buggo.

All of our baits and methods are guaranteed family and pet-proof as the chemical liquids we use are one of the safest and effective solutions in the market for the elimination of termites. We are fully certified and only use innovative, environmentally friendly chemicals.

Treatment Quality Guarantee

Our Buggo high-quality treatments are guaranteed*. This means that if for any reason there is a recurrence of your infestation after treatment, we are happy to be responsible for the additional treatment, at our own expense.

Licenced Experts

Buggo Pest Control Services is fully licensed and accredited for both the chemicals and methods used in termite treatments, as well as their health and safety certifications.

Speedy & Professional

For a fast and speedy termite control service, you can rely on Buggo. We can supply you with a fully-qualified technician within hours of your call – even quicker if required.

We Make The Process Quick and Easy

1. Call

As soon as you call us, you can receive same-day service or time and day to suit.

2. Quote

You can get a free quotation for our termite treatment service by giving us a call.


We offer a full range of chemical-free and safe pest control products and treatments for all homes in the Sydney area.

4. Aftercare

We offer a full maintenance follow-up service and regular inspections of your property.

Your local termite specialist in Sydney

When you’re comparing termite inspection companies, you want someone who knows the area. We have over a decade of experience offering our pest control services, and from our home in Sutherland Shire we can easily carry out a termite inspection in Sydney regardless of where you live. We’ll go from Alfords Point to Sydney CBD to the Northern Beaches and even to Illawarra or the Southern Highlands. With years of experience in the area, we know what the local termites target and where the first signs of infestation are likely to appear — that’s why we’re one of Sydney’s leading termite treatment companies. 

Acting quickly is vital for termite control in Sydney

For termite control to be most effective, you need to act immediately. These pests multiply quickly. Within only a few days they can have a colony big enough to be classed as an infestation. This is especially true if you live near the National Park in Sutherland Shire. Despite this, it can take years before you spot the damage with an untrained eye, as the termites slowly eat their way through your structural woodwork. Get a termite inspection in Sydney right away if you have any worries that you have an infestation. The quicker we can apply our termite treatment, the less damage the pests can cause and the lower the final termite control cost will be. Concerned you might have termites? Consult our pest library and then give us a call. 

24/7 help with termite control

We understand that termites are active all the time – 365 days a year and in order to be the best termite treatment company in the region, we are also available any day, any time. Whether you need residential pest control services or commercial pest control services, Buggo Pest Control is here to help whenever you need a termite killer. Give us a call or contact us online for a friendly and knowledgeable local termite specialist in Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure no active termite infestations are in the property you are investing money in because as well as the inconvenience created by these critters, many building insurers are unhappy to undertake your insurance policy.
Usually, a skilled, experienced technician will check the entire house thoroughly, from foundation to roof, in less than an hour. A specialist knows the exact place to look for signs of termites or other wood-destroying insects and any damage.
You will receive a written notification in a report stating that there is no visible evidence of infestation found in the accessible areas that were checked. However, any home must be regularly inspected, especially if neighboring homes show signs of termites.
Costs tend to vary, but Buggo’s technicians will be providing you with a bespoke termite treatment plan after the pre-inspection so that prices will vary depending on the type of recommended treatment and for how long. Regular monitoring and aftercare will also be included in Buggo’s great value for money treatment packages.

We use the latest techniques and eco-friendly products in our termite treatment to give you the best termite protection possible. We do all of this when you need us, no matter what time of day.

You should contact us when you want a friendly, local technician who knows all the ins and outs of termite control in Sydney and gives your home or business their full attention when searching for signs of termite infestation. We can also provide a variety of other services for you, including disinfection services after you’ve had the best termite treatment.

To make sure we give you the best termite control, the process varies depending on how severe the infestation is and what type of property you have. It could take the form of a termite exterminator treatment in the soil or termite barriers under your house.

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